Share Market Investing Tips

Share Market Investing Tips. Beginner investors can find the stock market tricky. There are two types of stock markets: primary and secondary.

Primary Market Investing

Initial Public Offerings are primary market investments (IPO). The allocation of the rabbits is based on the demand for and availability of IPO applications from investors. You need a Demat account that holds electronic copies of your shares to invest in primary and secondary markets. A trading account helps buy and sell shares online.

Rarely, traders can apply from their bank account. Application Supported by Blocked Amount makes IPO application through net banking easy (ASBA).

The funds will be blocked in your bank account, pending receipt of your shares. The funds will be blocked in your bank account, pending receipt of your shares.. IPO applications must follow this protocol. The shares are allocated, they’re listed and can be traded within a week.

Second-market shares

Secondary share market investing or trading involves buying and selling shares.

follow these steps.

Step 1 : Open a trading and Demat account.This is where second-market investing begins. For a smooth transaction, both accounts should be linked to a bank account.

Step 2:Share selection. Choose shares to sell or buy in your trading account. Ensure you have enough money to buy shares.

Step 3: Set price. Determine the share price. Wait for a response.

Step 4: After the transaction, you receive shares or money for the stocks you bought or sold.

Be mindful of how long you plan to invest and your financial goals.

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Demat/Trading Account Documents
You need these documents to invest in stocks:

PAN Card Aadhaar ,Card Name on a cancelled bank cheque with IFSC Code, account number, account holder’s name, and signature.
Income proof documents.
A list of acceptable proofs of address from your broker, depository participant, or bank. Passport-sized photos of the applicant.
Investing tips
stock trading isn’t as challenging as it first appears, there is a chance of long-term financial loss.

Before investing,remember:

  • Portfolio diversification

Diversified investments are healthy. When one asset class is down, it won’t provide a steady flow of funds. Financial advisors recommend diversifying to offset one asset class low periods. Debt investments like bonds often offset equity This portfolio balance can protect against market crises.

  • Know your investors

Your investor profile can reveal risk-appropriate instruments. This lets you take on a risk level that fits your lifestyle.

  • Invest

Avoid potential falls if you have an investment plan that states how much you want to earn from your investments and for how long you need to invest to earn


Share Market Investing Tips includes, when buying stocks, some aspects to be taken into account. Investing involves planning, knowing your risk tolerance, and diversifying your portfolio. If you’re having trouble selecting the right shares or planning your investments and setting goals according to your acceptable level of risk, contact our expert traders at IIFL.

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