Get Rid Of These 10 Investment Myths

Investment Myths

Investment Myths | Every investor wants large returns. He hopes his portfolio succeeds. However, strong portfolios demand disciplined investing. One bad investment might derail wealth accumulation. Thus, prudent investment choices are crucial. On Dussehra, we highlight 10 investing myths to avoid so your portfolio can grow and develop.

There Are 10 Investment Myths You Should Never Believe

Risky Investment

Investment risk is the biggest misconception. Investments are risky, but with knowledge and dedication, they can build riches. Calculated risks can transform your lifestyle and grow your assets faster.

It was Expensive.

Investing requires a lot of money, another misconception. Misperception. Mutual fund SIPs start at Rs. 500 per month. Online platforms and advice services make investing small amounts easy.


Most investors think only experts can invest since investment is risky. When investing in a company’s stock, you need to know the company, market, global news, and more. Investors feel they need the competence to track all this information. Today, several instruments offer a ready-made basket of investments. Thus, investing in a basket of assets requires little knowledge. Just know the dangers.

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Investments Need Monitoring

People believe investing requires constant supervision. Many investment options don’t require regular monitoring. Multi-asset funds can be invested in without monitoring. Low-maintenance investments eliminate monitoring.

Purchase Now

Stocks are thought to be bought low and sold high. Investors focus on stock price bottoms and tops. This is wrong since stock bottoms and tops cannot be predicted. Instead of timing stock purchases, buying at the proper time will benefit your portfolio.

Investments Earn Quickly

People invest in stocks or other alternatives to make rapid money. Market losers have such beliefs. Investments are always long-term. Let them flourish for big benefits.

Investment Locks Money

Investing locks up money for years, so many people avoid it. This myth deters investors. Long-term investing protects you against short-term volatility and boosts ROI. An advisor can help you identify investments with suitable timescales.

Saving Guarantees Future

People think saving will safeguard their future. Inflation will devalue money, hence this is a lie. One must invest to ensure the future. Investing creates wealth. Thus, investing in the correct financial instrument will secure your financial future.

Life Insurance Invests

Life insurance is a common investment error. Insurance policies mitigate risk but don’t create returns. Instead of thinking life insurance is an investment, diversify to get the best return.


Concentrated investors do not diversify. They believe investing in the same asset is best. Concentrated investing is hard. Diversification stabilizes and protects your portfolio. Thus, investing without diversification is unwise.

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