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Intraday Trading
Share Market

Five Intraday Trading Tips

Five Intraday Trading Tips | Differences between intraday trading and long-term equity investment are dramatic. This site has thus far only featured posts about long-term

SIP Benefit

Benefits of SIPs

Benefits of SIPs | Every investor faces a fundamental decision when picking a Mutual Fund investment strategy: lumpsum or systematic? (SIP). SIP investing for rookie

Quantitative Trading

The Meaning of Quantitative Trading.

Quantitative trading uses math and numbers to find trading opportunities. Quantitative analysis uses price and volume as major inputs to mathematical models. Financial institutions and

Investment Myths

Get Rid Of These 10 Investment Myths

Investment Myths | Every investor wants large returns. He hopes his portfolio succeeds. However, strong portfolios demand disciplined investing. One bad investment might derail wealth


What Exactly is Mutual Fund?

What exactly is Mutual Fund ? Traditionally, Indians have invested in real estate, gold, and bank fixed deposits. But in the last 20 years, mutual

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