Benefits and Challenges of Personalization and Finance


Almost every sector that interacts with customers is embracing personalization.

Research has shown that customers prefer businesses that offer personalized service and lose interest in those that don’t. Customized companies can charge more because customers are willing to spend more on a tailored product

In terms of personalization, the financial sector stands to benefit greatly. Customers’ financial situations differ greatly from person to person and are influenced by a variety of different factors. As a result, the level of service they need from a financial services provider can also differ widely.

Individualization of finances

Customer value must be firmly prioritized when creating a personalization strategy for the financial sector. We can easily become engrossed in modern technology and other innovations, but every new advancement must only be put into practice after asking yourself, “How will this make our customers’ lives better?

“According to Forrester, personalization can help banks provide superior customer experiences while fostering trust and loyalty. “Banks can show customers they know them, understand their needs, and care by personalizing interactions across physical and digital channels.”

And ultimately, it comes down to this. Customers want to feel that the business they’ve entrusted with one of their most valuable assets cares about them and is tailoring the service they receive.

“According to Forrester, personalization will help banks stand out from their competitors and compete while fostering sustainable growth by enabling customers to apply for financial products that are specifically suited to their needs when they need them.

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Implementing intelligent personalization also has the following advantages:

Enhancing the customer experience and encouraging customer retention by catering to their needs and behavior.
Increasing customer lifetime value and conversion rates, which in turn increases share of wallet.
more effective marketing ROI achieved through channel-specific messaging and targeted marketing campaigns.
Personalization implementation is not without difficulties, though.

Problems with Personalization
Financial institutions must make sure their internal infrastructure is capable of handling personalization in order to implement it successfully.

Legacy technologies play a significant role in this picture and are probably the biggest obstacle to implementing personalization successfully. Many financial brands continue to use outdated hardware and software that lacks the processing power and data analytic tools necessary to build customer profiles and handle the vast amounts of data required to achieve true personalization.

The siloing of data that frequently results from outdated infrastructure is another aspect that is partially responsible.Running multiple platforms for different tasks means that data must stay on each platform and cannot be compiled to gain insights. There’s no reason not to use single view CRM platforms to break down silos and develop a single customer view.

The current regulatory environment makes personalization difficult. Customers are now more protective of their information than ever before, and governing bodies are intervening to protect their interests as a result of several high-profile data breaches. Financial brands must be persuasive when requesting customers’ consent to collect their data because personalization requires data to be effective.

“To oversee cross-functional personalization initiatives and choose the best technology investments, banks need a customer-led strategy, according to Forrester. “By concentrating on customer value, teams can become more aligned and make sure that their individual technology investments are driven by customer needs rather than internal operational requirements.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to implementation, personalization has a large number of advantages and disadvantages. But those financial institutions that can manage the difficulties while getting the most out of the advantages will see an increase in the number of people using their services and putting their trust in them.

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