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TradingView is the Platfrom the hosts our Trading signals.

Sign up for a free account Here. TradingView´s Basic plan is free of charge and our indicators work with all plans. (If you already have a TradingView account  Go to step 2.)


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Our trading suite is an ALL-IN-ONE package so you will have access to all of our premium indicators with whichever type of subscription you choose. After signing up, you will receive an email with a link to connect tradingview username to our system.


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Wait 15 minutes after linking your accounts, then vising the TradingView charting page. Click "indicators" at the top, or the f(x) icon on mobile, and you will find the indicators under, "invite-only scripts". Contact support if you do not have access after 15 minutes.


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₹1,000/- Month

All services & Taxes Included.

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